Sustainability Procurement & Supply Chain

Brief About The Program

The capacity of a business to deal with supply chain and procurement challenges, adapt to change and continue to develop requires qualified professionals. Procurement and Supply chain professionals contribute decisively to the organization’s resilience that builds the ability to meet the needs of today and develop strong practices to continue to meet the needs of the business in the future. This essentially implies that they need to bear the capability to build strong, resilient yet adaptable Sustainability practices.

The Scope 3 emission is all about Supply Chain and organizations need to be responsible for the Scope 3 emission.

Key Benefits

  • Knowledge on the Supply Chain and Procurement from Sustainability Point of view
  • Get Sustainability Procurement and Supply Chain Practitioner Kit consisting of
    • Sample Contracts
    • Sample Vendor ESG Evaluation Framework
    • Sample Vendor ESG Selection Framework
    • Guidelines on Vendor ESG Evaluation Process
    • Sample ESG evaluation framework for Supply Chain Function
    • Sample Procurement and Supply Chain ESG KPIs and Data Framework
  • Get to be in the Open Certified Sustainability Procurement and Supply Chain Practitioner Listing

Who Should Attend?

  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Procurement Professionals


  • Introduction to Sustainability and key concepts
  • Understanding and decoding a company’s
  • Sustainability Agenda relation to Procurement & Supply chain
  • Planning and integrating sustainability into the procurement process
  • Integrating third party (Vendor) ESG – Evaluating and measuring performance
  • Integrating Sustainability into Supply Chain Operations – Evaluating and measuring performance
  • ISO 20400 Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement
  • GHG Emissions Scope 1,2&3
  • Using procurement analytics to analyse and reduce Scope 2&3 carbon emissions
  • Measuring and Reporting Sustainable Procurement


Virtual Instructor Led / Physical


3 days / 6 virtual session of 4 hours each

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