DevSecOps & SRE Assessment

DevOps and SRE Assessment is a strategic initiative, based on best practices, that helps leaders understand, arrive at a strategy, and create a roadmap to transform traditional IT operations into SRE successfully. Our SRE Assessment, based on Marc Hornbeekā€™s model, typically takes between 15 to 90 days, and we suggest starting with the 15-day Rapid Assessment.


Our Approach

Our DevOps and SRE Assessment involves the following phases:

Ā Discovery: A workshop with the senior management and team to understand their vision, and their big-picture goal. Everyone within an organization needs to share the same perspective, to respond with better opinions regarding the importance and capability scores for each of their practices.

Marc Hornbeekā€™s 9 pillarsĀ  image


We conduct a survey based on Marc Hornbeekā€™s 9 pillars and analyze the response to identify specific pillars and individual practices that have a high gap score, that is, the practices are considered important but are not practiced well.

Value Stream Map:

The gaps rated the highest in priority are then leveraged to organize a value stream map working session, which helps prioritize the most critical bottlenecks in terms of the people, processes, and technology, relative to the organizationā€™s goals.

Implementation Roadmap:

Using the findings and results of the above value stream map working session, we formulate an implementation roadmap that directly addresses the goal, gaps, and bottlenecks.

Overall Analysis:

The implementation roadmap and findings are presented, reviewed, and discussed with the client leadership and team to ensure alignment with their big-picture plan.

*Our SRE Assessment approach – from signing off on goal alignment through surveys, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), roadmap creation, and strategic alignment – varies depending on the organizationā€™s size, the number of applications, and the size of the deployment domains to be included.

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