Your Continuous Transformation Partner

Xellentro, a privately-held organization based in India and Singapore, partners with organizations who are continuously on their transformation journeys, enabling them to…

  • accelerate time-to-value by building team capabilities
  • reduce costs
  • boost security and sustainability

through Consulting as well as Learning and Development offerings

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Benefits We Deliver

  • Accelerating Time-to-value of digital transformation initiatives by prioritizing and delivering quicker returns, and improving efficiency and capacity through the use of Value Stream management approach.
  • Achieving Continuous Improvement by building organization-wide focus, alignment and effectiveness towards business goals through OKR implementation.
  • Attaining sustainability in IT operations, and conferring sustainability to non-IT operations.
  • Improving organizational security and resilience postures by deploying correlation-enabled security tools, developing security-related observability, and facilitating compliance with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), wherever applicable.

About Us

Xellentro has earned a name for its thought leadership in New Ways of Working that leverage both existing approaches like DevOps, DevSecOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), Value Stream Management (VSM), and Platform Engineering as well as nascent technologies like  AI/ML, DataOps and Blockchain. We work with practitioners across the globe to strengthen our clients’ capability and skills development in order to make their businesses more efficient in delivering better outcomes for their customers.

Founded by Dr. Niladri Choudhuri, an entrepreneur, author, and evangelist of SRE & DevSecOps with more than 30 years of IT consulting experience, Xellentro’s USP is its practitioner-centric approach which, unlike our competitors, does not stop with training or advisory. Instead, we stay on until the envisaged benefits are realized, and until our clients achieve value-creation. Our leadership team today includes Dr. Sharmila Choudhuri, an accomplished academician, and human capital and strategic management expert Dr. Surabhi Prakash.

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Xellentro Leadership


Founder & CEO


Founder & Director



The Consulting Team at Xellentro also boasts over 100 cumulative years of experience in improving the Ways of Working for various global organizations, enabling them to shift their mindsets and realign their functional hierarchies. Xellentro currently operates from Singapore and India, with our virtual delivery modes also boosting our credibility with clients in other geographies.

Xellentro’s Mentors

CEO, Engineering DevOps Consulting & Ambassador, DevOps Institute

CNCF, DevOps Institute, & Continuous Delivery Ambassador, New Zealand

Founder, DevSRE & Professional Consultant