Sustainability Awareness Gaming Workshop

Brief About The Program

The Digital Collage is a fun and collaborative 3 hours’ workshop centered on collaboration and collective intelligence. The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness and train participants on the environmental issues of the digital technology. The workshop also outlines solutions for a sustainable digital technology, and allows open discussions amongst participants on these important and timely topics. A true team building tool allowing participants to come together, learn all matters around sustainability in our digital world and engage.

Key Benefits

Raise your employees’ awareness towards the environmental challenges of the digital technology?

  • Federate through collaboration
  • Raise awareness
  • Discuss solutions together & Engage

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to learn about Digital sustainability

How the workshop operates?

  • 1st part: Comprehension

In teams of 4 to 8, the participants identify and then draw the links between the cards of the game to build a “Collage”

  • 2nd part: Creativity

They illustrate their words and key messages, choose a title together, to take ownership of the content and create a team spirit.

  • 3rd part: Debriefing

Each group explains their title and decoration, then the facilitator makes an oral correction of the collage realized.

  • 4th part : Action

An exercise with actions’ cards is proposed in order to stimulate exchanges, reflection and action towards sustainability in the digital world.


In-Person/ Virtual


3.5 Hrs.

Upcoming Batch

On Demand

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