Xellentro helps organizations accelerate value creation by helping them forge a clear path from assessment to the way forward, creating opportunities for learning and experimenting in the process. The Consulting provided is to guide the customers in improving their capability to deliver greater value to their Customers, Business, Employees and Partners. Our Consulting Portfolio includes the following 

Sustainability & ESG
  • ESG Report Creation following GRI / BRSR Guidelines
  • Guidance on reducing Carbon Emission in IT Practices
  • Incorporating Sustainability Metrics into the IT Systems to automate Sustainability Report / ESG Report
  • Maturity Level Assessment in IT Practices
  • Managing Sustainability Performance – The OKR Method
  • Masterclasses on Sustainable IT
  • ESG Proficient Director Program
  • Sustainability Reporting Practitioner Program
  • Sustainability Procurement and supply chain Practitioner Program
  • Sustainability Awareness Program
Security & Resilience
  • Assessment
  • Architecture Review
  • Building a Resilient IT System
  • Platform Engineering Blueprint
DevSecOps & SRE Assessment
  • Discovery
  • Survey
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Overall Analysis
Value Stream Management- Flow Consulting

VSM helps in:

  • Value Stream Visibility
  • Tools Integration
  • Workflow Orchestration
  • Security Governance and Compliance Visibility
  • Value Stream and Flow Metrics
  • Value Stream Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Role Specific Insights

VSM Implementation helps in answering the questions which is today a challenge to answer:

  • Who is the customer?
  • What value is the customer pulling?
  • What are the value streams?
  • Where is the bottleneck?
  • How is software delivery impacting revenues, quality, and costs?
  • How are your DevOps, Agile, and SAFe® transformations performing?
  • Where should more investment be made to improve business outcomes?
OKR with Profit.co
  • OKR Planning
  • OKR Setup
  • OKR Execution


  • Initial Stakeholder interaction
  • Build the Blueprint / Roadmap to enable OKR Implementation
  • Derive OKRs from Management Framework
  • Define KPIs and Key Metrics for the KRs
  • Implementation and Post Implementation Support of organization strategy using OKRs

Over 100 clients have taken advantage of our Consulting services since 2012. 

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