Navigating the Complexities of Securing the Software Supply Chain

In today’s DevSecOps environment, open-source vulnerabilities and blindspots in the Software Supply Chain (SSC) are genuine concerns and stumbling blocks to the development process. Software Supply Chain attacks are on the rise, but tackling the multitude of vulnerabilities, wrestling with manual efforts, shifting security checkpoints left and right, and navigating complex AST security tools can be overwhelming.

JFrog’s Senior Solutions Engineer, Nishu Prakash, explores how organizations’ are leveraging JFrog’s security solutions to meet these demands. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to enable early blocking of malicious or risky open-source packages
  • Focus on solving exploitable vulnerabilities and streamlining remediation efforts with binary-focuses secrets detection
  • Seamlessly integrate security best practices into your DevOps processes to reduce the impact and blast radius of vulnerabilities

Speaker: Nishu Prakash – Senior Solutions Engineer, JFrog, India
A versatile IT professional with expertise in pre-sales consulting, automation, infrastructure as code, Kubernetes, containers, and CI/CD pipelines. She specializes in crafting solutions and technical architecture according to organisation needs and is passionate about Observability, Software Engineering, DevOps, and Cloud Technologies.