Sustainable IT & ESG

 Identify opportunities to improve your current IT practices

When you would like to start or you have embarked on the Sustainability journey, we need to keep measuring to find out what more to do to achieve further improvement. This assessment based on our Sustainable IT Capability Model will help you to determine the priorities in both short-term and long-term, identify challenges and roadblocks, and establish revised goals for improving Sustainable IT practices.


There will be a discussion with senior management to understand and set the key objectives for the Organization from Sustainability perspective. Based on this a detailed interaction will be done to assess the current state based on the various parameters of Sustainability along with going through the current state of the systems in details. Based on the Assessment, a report will be provided and presented along with a way forward to achieve the stated objectives.

The stages are

The dimensions that will be looked at are

 Create a comprehensive sustainability plan aligned with your business objectives

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the integration of sustainable practices is no longer an option but a strategic necessity. Our expert consultants are here to guide you through the intricate journey of aligning your IT operations with environmentally conscious and socially responsible approaches, ensuring long-term viability and positive impact. A Sustainable IT Initiative is not only about mitigating negative effects but also leveraging technology to proactively contribute to a greener future. By embracing this initiative, your organization stands to gain:

Cost Efficiency: Sustainable IT practices often lead to reduced energy consumption, optimized resource utilization, and minimized waste. This translates into significant cost savings over time, enhancing your bottom line.

Reputation and Stakeholder Engagement: Today’s consumers and stakeholders place high value on environmentally responsible companies. Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability through IT initiatives can enhance your brand reputation and foster better relationships with stakeholders. Even Talent Acquisition is looking at Sustainability.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage: Strategizing for sustainable IT encourages creative thinking and innovation, enabling you to develop cutting-edge technologies that cater to eco-conscious consumers and potentially outpace competitors.

Regulatory Compliance: With the rise of environmental regulations, a sustainable IT approach ensures your organization remains compliant with evolving environmental standards, avoiding potential legal and financial risks.

Our Approach

Our consultants specializes in guiding your organization through the intricate process of designing and implementing a Sustainable IT Initiative tailored to your unique needs. We will co-create a High-Level Sustainable IT strategy that aligns with your specific goals and values.

Here’s how we work:

Current State Assessment : We begin by conducting a high-level Materiality Assessment of the current IT operations, a comprehensive analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, energy consumption patterns, and operational processes. This audit helps us understand your organization’s specific challenges and opportunities, the areas for improvement and efficiency gains.

Goal Setting Exercise:

Based on the assessment, jointly with the team we define Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) sustainability goals that align with the overall business strategy. These goals guide the entire initiative and provide a benchmark for success. Workshop with Sponsor and key Stakeholders to identify key areas of Sustainable IT initiatives and Technologies to promote:

  • Resource Efficiency
  • Waste Reduction
  • Energy Conservation

Strategy Development:

Based on the assessment, we work closely with your team to develop a customized Green IT strategy that aligns with your business objectives. Crafting a robust strategy involves designing a roadmap to achieve the defined goals. This strategy encompasses technology upgrades, process optimizations, and renewable energy integration. Our experts will collaborate with your team to identify actionable steps, allocate resources, and create a timeline for implementation.

Implementation and Integration:

Our experts guide you through the seamless implementation of the strategy, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. We collaborate with your IT team to integrate sustainable practices into your existing systems. We support your organization in implementing the strategy, ensuring smooth execution of the identified initiatives. Regular monitoring and performance assessment allow us to make necessary adjustments and keep the initiative on track.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement:

Sustainability is an ongoing journey. We help you set up monitoring mechanisms to track the progress of your Green IT initiatives. Regular assessments allow us to fine-tune strategies and identify new opportunities for improvement.

Measure and track the impact of your sustainability efforts over time

We adopt OKR framework  to drive focus, alignment, and execution. OKRs provide a structured and systematic approach to performance monitoring that enhances communication, alignment, and accountability, ultimately leading to improved performance and achievement of organizational goals. We help implement OKRs for Sustainability from the Board level to the teams.
Our Approach
  • Initial Stakeholder interaction
  • Build the Blueprint / Roadmap to enable OKR Implementation
  • Derive OKRs from Management Framework
  • Define KPIs and Key Metrics for the KRs
  • Implementation and Post Implementation Support of organization strategy using OKRs

Build trust with stakeholders & align your operations with long-term sustainable goals.

Today many regulatory authorities, financial institutes, government, customers, investors and even employees are demanding organizations to be sustainable and improve their sustainability performance. Reporting on sustainability is becoming mandatory for many. It is also expected that the disclosures made on sustainability should be true and subject to independent assessment.

Sustainability needs to be part of the Strategic objectives of the organization and cascaded down. This should be part of the organizations performance process and integrated reporting.

There needs to have a proper materiality assessment for creating the report. Without the focus on the materiality aspects, the report might not be correct and will lead to wasted effort and loss of credibility and even legal suites.

Having a proper well designed reporting process helps organizations to better manage sustainability related risks and capitalize on new business opportunities.

How Xellentro can help?

Xellentro helps organizations to embed sustainability in the entire value stream and guide on integrating sustainability information into the value stream management platform and share the sustainability information through reporting.

Xellentro also creates reports after proper materiality assessment conforming to various standards like BRSR, GRI, UN SDG, ISSB, etc.


  • Gap analysis post review of existing policies, literature review, data collection and analysis
  • Materiality and Stakeholder mapping
  • Creating Practitioner’s scorecard
  • Create the Draft Report
  • Finalize the Draft Report after discussion with key stakeholders
  • Present the Final Report